Fortisware brings you the latest in PST technology for Outlook with PST Finder.

PST Finder is a powerful, agent-less IT-Pro tool for locating PST files on a local network and enabling automated removal, archiving and import to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010 SP1.  Take control of PST creation through policy-level controls: PST Finder can disable the generation of new PST files in the future on an individual workstation or domain level. Find Out More About PST Finder »

Missing Attachment PowerToy

Have you ever forgotten to include an attachment to an important email? This free PowerToy for Microsoft® Outlook® is designed to help you avoid that exact scenario, helping you save time and avoid needless embarrassment: When the Missing Attachment PowerToy detects an outbound e-mail message containing words which you typically use when including attachments, it will offer you an opportunity to revise the e-mail before Outlook sends it on its way! Works only with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. (English-only.)

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Ghost Meeting PowerToy

This PowerToy is designed for busy people who need to track multiple meetings in their Microsoft® Outlook® Calendar but can't promise to attend them all. The Ghost Meeting PowerToy allows you to quickly copy meeting details into a private appointment when declining a meeting request, thereby creating a 'ghost meeting' that you can keep on your own calendar for your own use. Great for keeping track of juniors' meetings or keeping time blocked out just in case! Works only with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. (English-only.)

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